The design history reader / edited by Grace Lees-Maffei and Rebecca Houze. .. This Reader reflects what design history has been, not what it. The Design History Reader. Grace Lees-Maffei. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button. The Design History Reader (Oxford: Berg, ) (co-edited with Grace Lees- Maffei). Rebecca Houze. Grace Lees-Maffei. Rebecca Houze. Grace Lees-Maffei.

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Synopsis: The first systematic and comprehensive reader on Design History, this book examines the role of design and designed objects within social and. This is the first anthology to address Design History as an established discipline, a field of study which is developing a contextualised understanding of the. Gesamtkunstwerk was a “specter” haunting twentieth-century art. Indeed it remains difficult to reconcile Wagner's theorizing with real- world events – a problem.

Marianne Eggler, Museum of Modern Art, New York The Design History Reader offers a fine blend of texts through which to explore the field, and comprises a valuable resource for an up-to-date design history survey. Kjetil Fallan, University of Oslo This comprehensive selection of texts by designers, theorists and design historians range from eighteenth century economics to manifestoes on sustainability.

Thoughtfully organised and thoroughly contextualised, The Design History Reader will be indispensable to students, lecturers and researchers. Deborah Sugg Ryan, University College Falmouth In this resource, not only are the chosen writings excellent examples, but the structure of the book itself is a model of clarity A very useful, eclectic and elegant resource for understanding and exploring the history and development of design.

Its range The Higher Education Academy A really good read. Lees-Maffei and Houze have skilfully collected and edited a wide range of interesting and sometimes unexpected but very rewarding essays and, furthermore, have organized them in a clear and navigable way. Design Issues Serves as both a handy undergraduate or postgraduate textbook, as well as a valuable reference for seasoned scholars A timely contribution to the field, not only in [its] confirmation of design history's vitality, but also it [its] stimulating and provocative theoretical reflections.

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The Design History Reader

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